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            Providing reliable support and services
            We help you the most clean, green and cost-effective solution We assure you peace of mind with high quality and innovative...
            Great quality,price light this is how Enfalion fight
            Enfalion-The capacitor technology innovation with brilliancy.Great quality,price light this is how Enfalion fight.We will peace of mind in...
            Capacitor give you the biggest support!
            ENFALION wants to be the NO.1 and must to be the NO.1 brand for aluminum electrolytic capacitors if with your all biggest support!...

            About Enfalion Electronics Co.,Ltd

            We Serve The Society With High And New Technology

            About us

            Foshan Enfalion Electronics Co.,Ltd is a private enterprise specialized in researching ,producing and marketing aluminum electrolytic capacitors.It is located in a beautiful place high tech industrial zone- Songxia Industrial park(close to famous Southern peach garden and Southern movie and TV town).

            Our company insists on guiding by science and technology,orienting by the market,appointing by innovation as the management idea.We promot honesty and professional dedication,and we are courageous to develop spirit of enterprise.Achieving ,sharing,combining and thanksgiving is our enterprise culture.With making productivity of military products to be stronger and making civilian goods accounting larger market as enterprise target and we serve the society with high and new technology.

            Our products are widely used in: frequency conversion power,UPS power,large industrial power,electric welder,audio power amplifier,numerical control machines,frequency conversion power,switching power supply ,energy-saving lamps,flash lamps (lead type, welding chip),strobe light,network circuits,motor starter,mag [more]

            Product Applications

            Our products are widely used

            Learn More About ENFALION And Learn More About Electronic Information

            2019-05-05 15:04:03
            1. Conventional capacitor detection is divided into several steps.(1) Visual measurementThr...
            2019-05-05 15:00:31
            Capacitance is also the most basic element in circuit design, so how to choose a suitable cap...
            2019-05-05 09:34:19
            Enfalion taken part in electronica India at Sep. This exhibition has achieved a great...
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